Meeting the Moment With a Vision for the Future

There's no shortage of critically important issues in Monterey County, but with the right character, experience, and vision, any challenge can be met. Below are some of the top priorities I will focus on as District 2 Supervisor.

Building Affordable Housing & Homeless Services

Constructing more affordable housing, including shelters, transitional housing, and farm worker housing, needs to be a top priority for Monterey County. As the Housing Analyst for the City of Monterey, I know first hand how hard it is to find affordable housing, and how challenging homelessness is. I support partnering with private developers and affordable housing non-profits to build the housing our community needs.

Funding for Road Repairs & Highway Improvements

As a former transportation planner with the Transportation Agency for Monterey County, I know what it takes to deliver major highway improvements and repairs to local roads. I will work to secure additional funding to repair local roads and Highways by using Measure X funds to secure matching State grants.

Supporting Sustainable Ground Water

Whether you have your own well or are part of a water system, in North Monterey County you are relying on ground water aquifers. I support implementing our local Groundwater Sustainability Agency's plan to sustainably manage the Salinas River and North County's groundwater supply, ensuring safe and reliable water for everyone.

Supporting Parks and Recreation

As a Director of the North County Recreation and Park District, I know the important role parks and recreational programming play in enhancing our community. I will work to secure more funding for safe bike and walking paths and increased access to low cost recreation programs.

Supporting Underserved Communities

North County is rich in land and community spirit, but, sadly, many of our communities are economically disadvantaged and historically under served. I believe in advocating for our disadvantaged communities so that they can be sure to receive an equitable distribution of County services.

High Quality

If there's one thing we've learned from going online during COVID-19, it's that North County needs better high speed internet. The picture above shows tables set up for students to use WiFi at the Castroville library for class because they do not have home internet. Getting rural broadband into our community and overcoming the digital divide needs to be a top priority.

Increasing Educational Opportunities

A graduate of both Hartnell College and CSUMB, I know first hand the importance of quality local education. As Supervisor, I will work to increase access to educational programs for our students by building partnerships between the County, local colleges, and local school districts.

Supporting Agricultural and Local business

Whether in the Salinas Valley or the Pajaro Valley, Agriculture is the biggest business for Monterey County. Supporting Agriculture and the small businesses that rely on it is key to supporting the economy of North Monterey County. As a member of the North County Chamber of Commerce, I am working to promote local businesses and share information about resources available to businesses in our community.

Reducing Illegal Dumping

Raise your hand if you have seen illegal dumping on a road in North Monterey County. Aside from being ugly, it is entirely unnecessary and an environmental hazard. I support increasing funding for clean-up crews, community clean up days, and free disposal days.

Informing & Engaging the Community

Public engagement is more than a catch phrase for me. Since 2014, I have led the public outreach efforts for projects like the Prunedale Improvement Project, Holman Highway 68 Roundabout, and the City of Monterey's affordable housing efforts. I will bring that same spirit of community engagement to the Supervisor's office - asking for, and truly listening to, community input.

Climate Adaptation

Between the increasingly common wild fires and droughts, extreme winter storm events, and sea level rise, it's clear that Monterey County is facing a changing climate. Adapting to climate change is something that will effect many elements of County governance. Planning for that change, and how to pay for it, is an issue that Monterey County must address with all urgency.