Grant Leonard in the News

Monterey Herald Guest Commentary - Why I believe in a Bright Future for North Monterey County (published 06/19/2021)

"I believe we need a Supervisor who knows how to deliver solutions to complicated problems while remaining positive and focused on the future."

Monterey Herald Guest Commentary - Funding Emergency facing North County Fire District (published 04/17/2021)

"The Fire Protection District always responds when we call for help, now it’s time for property owners to do the same and support the District’s new benefit assessment when it comes to a vote before the residents of North County this spring."

Monterey Herald - Monterey funding runs out for renter assistance (published 02/12/2021)

"In the final week of the program, the city issued 35 payments totaling $101,173, Leonard said. While the budget targeted $800,000, the city added additional funding through housing income, such as lease payments, to bring the total up to roughly $900,000."

Monterey Herald Guest Commentary - Paying the rent and Meeting the Moment (published 10/12/2020)

"As board chair for the North County Recreation and Park District, I am so pleased that we are able to participate in this program as the agency offering assistance to North Monterey County. In total, the North County Recreation and Park District will be overseeing $60,000 in rental assistance and $4,000 in utility assistance for our community."

The Californian - Monterey Offers Emergency Rental Assistance Program (published 10/16/2020)

"To help residents and workers during these uncertain times, Monterey officials recently announced The COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program (“ERAP”). Monterey Housing Analyst Grant Leonard said the city has helped roughly 60 people and families, so far. "

Monterey Herald Guest Commentary - Desalination - The Castroville Connection (published 08/01/2020)

"Castroville has a long history of partnering on innovative water solutions. . . Our hard-working, aspiring community is ready to partner on this project and see fresh water flow to homes from Carmel to Castroville."

Monterey Herald - Monterey Seeks Developers for Major Affordable Housing Projects (published 07/23/2020)

"The state, through its Regional Housing Needs Allocation, has determined that Monterey needed to build 650 units of housing, not necessarily affordable. Leonard said the city has achieved 383 and with the potential for an additional 164, the city will be coming closer to hitting the allocation."

Monterey Herald - Monterey to Help Home Buyers with Down Payments (published 02/07/2020)

"One of the things the city is doing to try and find housing for its workforce is assisting with mortgage down payments. . .said Grant Leonard, a housing analyst for the city, who heads up the Down Payment Assistance program. "

KION 5/46 - New Study Identifies Several Housing Issues in Monterey (published 09/18/2019)

"I think what the study showed is there’s still a need for outreach,” says Leonard. “There are nonprofit providers and churches that are doing things people don’t know about and they may not know what the city is doing either. "

Monterey Herald - Busy Pajaro to Prunedale Corridor Upgrades Study Seeks Public Input (published 11/28/2018)

"The section has been identified as a key route for investment from Monterey County’s SB 1 gas tax and Measure X sales tax funding. TAMC associate planner Grant Leonard said the corridor has had more than 830 collisions and 11 fatalities over the past five years alone."

The Pajaronian - Input Sought on Pajaro to Prunedale Corridor (published 05/23/2018)

"Grant Leonard, associate transportation planner with TAMC, said the study is a response to the community seeking improvements to the corridor, as collisions have been on an uptick. . . Leonard pointed to a number of projects completed over the last few years that have made it easier for commuters to access the corridor. As congestion increases on Highway 1, people are seeking alternative routes "

KION 5/46 - TAMC’s Measure X Projects to Make Roads Safer, More Efficient (published 12/15/2017)

"Now with Senate Bill 1 passing, we’re looking to use our Measure X funds to match with state grants so we can get a 2 and a half time return from state grants,” Leonard said. “So for every dollar we spend, we get $2 back from the state."

Monterey Herald - Draft Final Scenic Highway 68 Plan Released, to be Considered by TAMC Board (published 08/16/2017)

"Transportation Agency for Monterey County representative Grant Leonard said the plan is a “good example of Caltrans partnering with the local community” to develop an improvement plan for the thoroughfare. . . He also noted that voter-approved Measure X, the 30-year, half-cent sales tax, dedicates $50 million toward the improvements.

Monterey Herald Guest Commentary - December Snow day Was Special for Castroville Children (published 01/02/2016)

"Getting the snow to Castroville involved a communitywide effort. With 10 tons of ice delivered and converted into snow with a snow machine hired by the North County Recreation and Park District, some extra ice from Ocean Mist Farms, a fire engine sleigh from the North County Fire Protection District, and cash donations and hours of donated time from dedicated volunteers like the Castroville Midnighters, the community of Castroville was able to enjoy a snow day, open and free to anyone who wanted to join."